Mortgage Advice

Russell James provide Independent Mortgage Advice to people looking to purchase a property or remortgage their existing property.

We appreciate the stress and worry involved in buying a property without the additional worries that come about from arranging the finance to pay for it. That's why we endeavor to make this process as painless as possible. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned home mover we can be of help.

We appreciate that the increase in house prices has made for an increaase in the equity people have in their properties, and how, this equity can be released for home improvements or personal use in certain circumstances. In fact the majority of people can make reductions in their mortgage payments by remortgaging, with not necessarily an increase in their mortgage balance.

Working under the regulations of the Mortgage Code Compliance Board we arrange mortgages with various Lenders from High Profile High Street Lenders such as Halifax plc, Alliance & Leicester plc etc, to some of the lower profile Lenders such as Kensington, Southern Pacific.

Lenders are advised and are given recommendations dependant upon individual circumstances, which are agreed during confidential appointments.

Once a Lender has been decided upon, we help remove any confusion from the minefield of forms, saving the need for visits to the Lender, by undertaking all the paperwork.

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment.